“Different control systems, one application”

Integrating many different types of Building Energy Management Systems is our forte.

Our award winning web-based application, ‘Demma Integrator’ has evolved over the past 20 years into an easy to install and operate, reliable and cost-effective system, offering interface drivers to multiple systems.

Our first Integrated system was installed in 1997 at Birmingham International Airport, to provide a common graphics interface to four separate Building Energy Management Systems; Honeywell Delta 1000, Honeywell Excel, JEL and Trend systems.

The added client benefit of installing the Integrator was that they were no longer tied to all four manufacturers, allowing them the freedom to choose whatever system best suited their future requirements.


Finding one Graphical User Interface (GUI) that is capable of communicating with, controlling, commanding reporting on the hardware devices of several different manufacturers is akin to discovering the Holy Grail in our industry.

With Demma Integrator your search is over.

A common interface allows the user to become familiar with just one system view, rather than having to trawl through many. Demma Integrator also protects your original hardware investment and allows complete integration of products from different hardware manufacturers.

Through continual R&D, our development team are constantly up-dating and improving the product, adding new drivers and features all the time.

Integrator Awards:

– The Smart Award
– Award for Research and Technology.

Run by the UK’s Department of Trade & Industry (DTI)