“Ten steps to success”

Building Energy Management System (BEMS) is used in large buildings to control the environment at a comfortable level when the buildings are occupied.

Up to 60% of the energy consumed in a commercial building is used to maintain the environment. The BEMS controls the equipment that is used to meet the building’s demands.

Optimising the software in the BEMS will save up to 25% on your energy usage.


What is Optimisation?

We follow a ten-step process to optimise the existing BEMS controller software for ultimate performance.

We call this OPTIMISE 10

At Demma we have over 30 years in BEMS and during this time we have developed a number of software routines to reduce equipment demands and run times whilst retaining close control of a building’s environment.

Demma’s skilled engineers can access the system and implement the ten steps, either directly in your system, or remotely from our central bureau facility.

To find out more about optimisation, and how it has helped our existing clients, check out the our case studies.

Demma offers a range of additional services and equipment to help you to optimise energy usage in your buildings. Click the button below to request a call back from one of our optimisation team.