Demma – Building Foresight

We are excited to announce that Demma have decided to refresh our brand identity reflecting our evolving business and distinct position within the BEMS market.

Demma have always recognised the need to continually evolve to stay ahead, always keeping our family of staff, clients and relationships at our very core.

We have consulted with our staff, clients’, colleagues, suppliers and broader network to learn their view on who we are today and what they collectively want us to to be in the future. This has provided us a wealth  of understanding and confidence that Demma truly bring a unique and adaptive proposition to the market. A distinct element that will remain relevant for years to come.

A theme that quickly became prevalent was our investment in delivery of technical building foresight to the long term benefit of all our networks.

Our unique culture and approach to the Building Energy market will help us to extend our reach, impact and success to all that we connect.