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Specialists in Building Energy Management Systems.
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Demma - Specialists in Computer Controlled Building Management Systems

Demma - IT Services


Demma have a qualified experienced "in house" I.T team.

Demma I.T Services has been developed to deliver a no-nonsense approach to I.T Solutions. Our team of I.T engineers offer support in a fast, friendly manner through multiple methods to suit your requirements.

Demma's I.T Department provide services including:

Outsourced IT Support Provider

If you have considered using an outsourced IT suport provider. Demma can provide on-site or remote/telephone I.T Support. The helpdesk offers quality, friendly support with experience in all types of software and hardware problems. Including Networking, Installations, Web Development, Hosting (Cloud), Servers, PC's, Mac's and more. Demma can assist with the following options:

Remote Support

Demma has a dedicated I.T helpdesk that can be used to provide technical support to assist troubleshooting. This can be provided either over the phone or via remote control software.

On-Site Support

Demma can provide On-Site Support. This is commonly when there is a hardware problem or the solution cannot be gained remotely.

Preventative Support

Demma Offers a preventitive support, this includes remote dial-ins to check the status of the servers to see if any issues are arising. Therefore possibly catching problems before they arise.

As part of any support option taken, Demma can provide quotations to supply, install and fit all hardware and software for your I.T requirements.

As well as supporting I.T Infrastructures, Demma can also provide I.T support for the B.E.M.S Industry, including:



Demma can troubleshoot and repair hardware and software problems. Our engineers can assist with issues as big as Servers and their installation, to laptops and standalone P.C's. Both PC's and MAC's can be maintained and repaired. Although based in the midlands, Demma can offer repairs accross the country through a courier service.

Disaster Recovery and Resilience

To aid in Disaster Recovery. Demma can create an effective pre and post disaster recovery plan to suit any budget and situation. Even after a disaster we can still help with recovering data and services that were thought to have been lost. Our main goal will be to get you back up and running as quickly aspossible.

Backups and Storage

Are your backups as strong as you think? If you nneded to rollback to them would they be available? We can offer a wide range of backup advice and solutions taking into account a full range of RAID, NAS and Cloud storage. Keeping you backed up weather you are local or remote from the office or home.

Remote Monitoring

Demma provide remote B.E.M.S monitoring so critical and non critical alarms instantly get sent to the Demma Offices, Engineers and the End User. Alarms can be sent by E-mail and SMS to chosen personnel such as on-site engineers or Facilities Managers.

Remote monitoring methods:-




Demma use M2M technology through Static I.P sim cards to bypass on-site I.T networks and allow us to monitor remote sites. This method is cheaper than regular business broadband. This type of connectivity allows us to connect new sites to our dedicated bureau which monitors sites throughout the UK. The Bureau services includes services such as Metering, Performance, Alarms, Fire and Secirity. Sites can be setup with Building Profiling to allow remote monitoring and analysis.


Demma can provide 2D and 3D design implementation.

As well as BEMS Graphics Upgrades


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Demma - Specialists in Computer Controlled Building Management Systems
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